OMB offers a suite of highly sensitive, rapid and robust biosensors for the detection of toxicity and specific compounds in industry and the environment. Our current focus is on acute and geno- toxicity in both the environment and industrial wastewater, with applications in the water industry and in pollution detection.

OMB – a University of Oxford Spinout

  • Based on decades of cutting-edge research

  • Founded by leading University of Oxford Professors

  • Focus on novel biosensors for industry and environment

From Research to Commerce

  • Custom designed biosensors for industry 

  • Synthetic Biology techniques

  • Designed according to market need

  • Detect toxicity, antibiotics, COD, etc.


OMB Designed Portable Kit

  • Conduct sampling and testing 
    in the field

  • Allows in situ analysis

  • Records metadata

  • Highly portable design

  • User-friendly 

OMB Proprietary bacterial chassis 

  • Robust

  • Sensitive

  • Semi-Quantitative 

  • Wide range of suitable temperatures

  • Functional in fresh and saline water